Third Sunday of Advent

We Celebrated with Laughter and Joyful Songs

Psalm 126: 2

In Northern Europe, apples were the first decorations on Christmas trees. In some parts of Europe today, all the Christmas tree decorations are edible (special candies of chocolate or marzipan, for example), and they are slowly eaten from the tree during the Twelve Days of Christmas.

These apple decorations aren't edible, but you might consider adding some small, whole, red apples to your tree.

For these decorations, cut 1/4 - inch center slices from small, firm apples. (Plan to make applesauce from the remaining pieces of apple.)

Soak the slices in a mixture of one cup of lemon juice and 1 and 1/2 teaspoons of salt for three minutes to prevent discoloration of the apples.

Dry the apples for 5 hours in a 150-degree oven on a non-stick baking sheet.

When the slices are dry, stud with cloves and decorate with cinnamon sticks (they come in various sizes) if you like. Spray with an acrylic spray (like Krystal Klear), and add an ornament hanger.

The apple and its spicy aroma should last through the Christmas season.

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