Third Sunday of Advent

He Sent Me to Give Them Flowers

Isaiah 61: 3

Flowers, in their variety of color and form, give a great beauty to God's wonderful creation that seems to be enjoyed by animals and by insects as well as by people.

Today would be a wonderful day to give flowers to the people who have guided us on our faith journeys, helping us to know Jesus.

And it would also be a wonderful day to make a special gift for someone in our lives who cares about us.

Buy or find a small flower pot for each child (3-inch terra cotta pots are inexpensive). Fill the pot with small, clean pebbles, marbles or terra cotta chips.

Buy at least one inexpensive, but sturdy, ball point pen for each pot. Let each child wrap one ballpoint stem at a time with green florists' tape. Using a glue gun, glue an artificial flower to the top of each pen.

(The larger the flower, the more topheavy the pen will become, but it will be less likely to disappear from the pot.)

Stand the pens in the pots, stems down, and tie a bow around the pot. Give the gift to someone who can never find a pen to write a note.

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