Christ the King Sunday

You Are More Majestic and You Rule Over All

Psalm 93: 4

In order to deepen his humiliation during Holy Week, the Roman soldiers crowned Jesus with a crown of thorns.

But the purpose of thorns is to protect the precious and the beautiful. Roses come to mind first, but other fruits and flowers - raspberries, for example - are shielded by thorns as well.

To remember the thorns that surrounded the most precious and the most beautiful - the head of Jesus - let us make garlands and headbands of all those beautiful fruits and flowers that thorns naturally protect, in honor of Jesus on Christ the King Sunday.

Obtain red and white ribbons and paper, silk, or plastic flowers and fruit that are naturally guarded by thorns - roses, of course, and many members of the berry family. Let the children glue and staple them into garlands and headbands in honor of our triumphant, risen King and Lord.


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