Peter Raises Tabitha from Death

Acts 9: 36 - 43

Although their personalities are completely unlike, Peter finds himself following in Jesus' footsteps, preaching, teaching, and healing.

And like Jesus' healing, there are always two specific outcomes of Peter's healing, right worship of God and service to others.

Much of Peter's ministry in the Book of Acts takes place in Joppa (modern day Jaffa), on the Mediterranean coast of Palestine.

Many of the people of the New Testament spoke two languages well: Aramaic (a language in the Hebrew language family which is no longer spoken) and Greek. So people often had two names, one in Aramaic and one in Greek. Both Peter and Dorcas were people with two names. Tabitha and Dorcas both mean gazelle.

Dorcas is one of many women in the New Testament who were healed to serve.

1. Where had Peter been staying?

[Peter had been in Lydda.]

2. Who was in the upstairs room with the body of Dorcas?

[Many widows were in the room with her, crying.]

3. What did the widows show Peter?

[The widows showed Peter the cloaks and clothing Dorcas had made for the poor.]

4. Which language did Peter speak to Dorcas?

[Peter called her Tabitha in Aramaic.]

5. What did Dorcas do when Peter told her to get up?

[Dorcas sat up and then got to her feet. ]

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