Tenth Sunday of Pentecost

You Make Our Hearts Glad Because We Trust You

Psalm 33: 21

Because we trust in God, we turn our bags of treasure over to him. These bags (if they are not filled too full) make a nice addition to a bulletin board - or even a special offering.

For each child, cut a 9-inch circle of large-meshed net (gold or silver if you can find it; white is widely available).

Cut a 22-inch length of gold cord for each child - find a cord that is stiff enough to thread easily - and thread around the edges of the mesh. Leave enough of an edge to make a ruffle.

Fill the bags with gold and silver wrapped candies - sometimes you can find gold coins (Hanukkah gelt) in the specialty section of the supermarket.

Tie tightly, finish the cord with gold or silver beads at the end, and share with a glad heart.

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