Sixteenth Sunday of Pentecost

The Lord Showed Me a Basket of Ripe Fruit

Amos 8: 1

The desert is too hot to grow strawberries - they grow wild in the milder climates of Europe and North America.

But they are still lovely symbols of this passage.

Cut off corners of plastic sandwich bags two inches from the tip - discard the remaining plastic.

Fill the tips of the bags with red hot cinnamon candies (two tablespoons is about right - don't fill them too tight), twist the tops and wrap firmly with florists' tape.

With edging scissors, cut strawberry leaves from textured green paper, including stems.

Continue wrapping the florists' tape to incorporate the leaves.

If you like, place the strawberries in a small basket.

For a more complex project, make varied fruits from marzipan.

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