Ninth Sunday of Pentecost

Jesus Walks on the Water

Matthew 14: 22 - 33

Mark 8: 31 - 9: 1

Luke 9: 22 - 29

Although Jesus seemed to love to preach and to heal large numbers of people, the crowds also seemed to exhaust him. He often withdrew immediately into prayer to make himself ready for further service to God.

After a very full day of teaching and healing of the 5000 followers, he refreshed himself with prayer before, once again, he ministered to his own core group of disciples.

1. Where did Jesus ask the disciples to go after he had dismissed the crowd?

[Jesus asked the disciples to go ahead of him in the boat, onto the Sea of Galilee.]

2. Where did Jesus go?

[Jesus went up onto the mountain to pray by himself.]

3. How did Jesus get from the land to the boat?

[Jesus walked out onto the water.]

4. Who did the disciples think it was?

[The disciples thought Jesus was a ghost.]

5. What did Peter want to do?

[Peter wanted to walk on the water, too, to meet Jesus.]

6. Why did Peter sink into the water?

[Peter became afraid and lost his faith in Jesus.]

7. What did Jesus do?

[Jesus held out his hand and saved Peter.]

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