Eighteenth Sunday of Pentecost

Teach Us to Use Wisely the Time that We Have

Psalm 90: 12

Keeping track of time in Bible times was very different from what we know of clocks, watches, and digital timers today.

The hourglass, where sand filters slowly through hand-blown glass, may have been the most common way of measuring time. Some people used water clocks, which measured time by the slow flow of water through tiny holes in an earthenware bowl.

Other people used sundials, which only work in full sunlight.

Most people had no other way of keeping time than by watching the sun.

Copy the cover on green card stock. Use dowels, chenille stems, or cardboard or construction paper to make the framework of the hourglass. Glue on gold glitter for the sand.

Or, if you can find inexpensive egg-timers, decorate them with sequins and jewels to time three-minute Bible eggs.

An older class might want to research and make a water clock. Or they might want to set a sundial in place, a very tricky undertaking.

Encourage your class to thank the God who not only gives us life, but who also gives us the time to enjoy it.


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