Second Sunday of Pentecost

Announce from the Housetops What I Whisper in Your Ear

Matthew 10: 24 - 39

Luke 12: 2 - 7

Rooftops were places of great activity in Bible times. The high, open, flat surfaces were perfect for winnowing chaff from grain, drying fruit, storing grain, nuts, and fruit, and sun-bleaching laundry.

Rooftops were also household gathering places because so much work was done there, and they were sleeping places on the hot nights of summer.

Because of their height, openness, and frequent assemblies of people, rooftops were great places from which to shout the news.

1. Jesus says we should never be afraid of anyone. Why not?

[Even if people kill us, our souls will be safe with God.]

2. What does God know about the birds (the sparrows)?

[God knows exactly how many birds there are in the world.]

3. What does God know about our bodies?

[God has counted every hair on our heads.]

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