Eighth Sunday of Pentecost

A Kind Man Sees Life and Hope

Luke 10: 25 - 37

In Jewish law, people who touched dead bodies (even with their shadows) became ritually unclean and therefore unable to pray.

Jesus tells this story to show us that caring for the well-being of our neighbor brings us closer to God, rather than separating us from him.

If we read this story as a parable, what does it tell us about the kindom of Heaven?

1. What did the priest do when he saw the man who had been beaten?

[He walked by on the other side of the road.]

2. Levites are the only tribe or family from which Jewish priests could be chosen. What did the Levite do when he saw the injured man?

[He walked by on the other side of the road.]

3. What did the man from Samaria see that no one else saw?

[He saw a man who was half-alive, when the others saw a man who was half-dead.]


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