Sixth Sunday of Pentecost

Weeds Grow Among the Wheat

Matthew 13: 24 - 30, 36 - 43

Stories of the home, farm, and sheep fold made up a large part of Jesus' teaching.

Just as with last week's parable, we are still in the wheat field.

If you can possibly arrange it, take your class to see a field in harvest. Many urban children have difficulty visualizing these stories.

At the very least, ask your florist to order some stalks of wheat, oats, or barley.

1. Why were there weeds among the wheat?

[An enemy of the farmer came at night and sowed weeds among the wheat.]

2. Why didn't the farmer pull up the weeds as soon as he saw them?

[The farmer didn't want to damage the wheat that was still growing.]

3.According to Jesus, what do the good seeds stand for in the story?

[The good seeds stand for the children of the kingdom of God.]

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