Confirmation Instruction Lesson 3

We Honor Our Neighbors by Sharing with Them

Buy 7- or 9-inch clear plastic plates.

Working on the underside of the plate, draw images with waterproof markers - metallic markers are the most dramatic.

Alternatively, swirl a coat of ModPodge on the underside of the plate and make designs or collages from scraps or confetti - keep your collage only one layer thick. Cover the completed collage with another coat of ModPodge.

Traditional symbols of hospitality are fish and bread. Symbols of love include apples, hearts, and roses.

Any Bible scene or image is appropriate, but remember you are working on the underside of the plate, so you are always working in reverse image.

Wipe the finished plates clean with a sponge, and fill the plates with cookies or other gifts, to share with a friend or neighbor.


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