Confirmation Instruction Lesson 4

God Feeds the Ravens and Clothes the Wild Flowers

Luke 12: 22 - 34

Matthew 6: 19 - 21, 25 - 34

Commandment 9

Commandment 10


God wants us to have healthy, strong lives; Jesus tells us in this story that we will have better lives if we stop worrying and realize that God looks after us in many different ways.

Some translations call the flowers the lilies of the field, which is another way of saying wildflowers.


1. What in our daily lives do our hearts follow?

[Our hearts follow our time, energy, and money.]

2. What does God want us to search for, before anything?

[The very first thing God wants us to search for is his kingdom, his way of living and doing things.]

3. Will worrying make our lives easier?

[Jesus asks us whether we can make our lives one hour longer by worrying about them; no, we cannot, and our lives are not better if they are filled with worry.]

4. Can worrying about food and clothes lead to coveting?

[Yes. If we worry too much about what we think we don't have, we can become jealous and covet what we think other people have.]

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