John the Baptist

I Am Not Good Enough to Untie His Sandals

Acts 13: 24 - 25

No one in the time of Jesus had beautiful feet.

Both city and country people either went barefoot or wore sandals. Country roads were rocky and dusty, and city streets were downright filthy - they didn't have street cleaners like we do today.

So most people walked almost everywhere with very little foot protection. Their feet took a lot of abuse and were the ugliest parts of their bodies.

When people entered a house, they left their sandals at the door and servants or slaves scrubbed their feet clean before they count enter the house. There was no way to get their sandals clean enough to wear indoors.

But the news about Jesus is so good, that even the feet of the person who brings the Good News are beautiful.

Making sandals as they are often made in Third World countries today can enhance our experience of our neighbors as well as of life in Jesus' times.

Using carpet scraps, trace the outline of each student's favorite pair of sandals. Use the same outline for rubber matting - Home Depot has inexpensive floor mats that are extremely sturdy. Or you may follow the Third World example and use worn-out tires.

Recruit some strong-armed people who are skilled with tools to cut out the carpet and rubber pieces (they should be the same size). I alternated between razor knives and X-Acto knives and wasn't completely satisfied with either - the cutting is the most daunting part of the project. Make sure to change blades frequently.

Mark the inner instep and a spot directly across from it on the carpet piece with a marker. Also mark the spaces on either side of the big toe. Pierce a hole in each of the four spots (manicure scissors, or something very pointed work best for this).

Lace the points of a shoelace up through each of the back two holes and bring them forward, knot the two ends over the instep, and lace the ends down on each side of the big toe. Make sure the laces don't twist.

Ask the person to try the sandal on, and adjust the tension. Somewhat snug is good, because the shoelaces may stretch.

Tie a square knot underneath the carpet piece to the outside of the big toe. Readjust the tension.

Glue the ends of the shoelaces to the back of the carpet piece with Henry 356 glue; glue the carpet top to the rubber bottom. Weight, and let dry. While they are drying, you can sing "I Have Decided to Follow Jesus" and "What Does It Mean to Follow Jesus? " (Rejoice).

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