Confirmation Instruction Lesson 9

The Heavenly City Gleams as Bright as Gold

This suncatcher also makes an ornament for the Christmas tree.

You may want to plan your lesson around the drying time, or find a safe space for the suncatcher to dry between lessons.

Use a round or hexagonal 3-inch glass shape.

Swirl on a layer of ModPodge or similar decoupage glue with an inexpensive art brush.

Cut the gate from gold foil, the chi-rho from pieces of slender gold cord, and place in the glue using toothpicks or tweezers.

Glue on gold glass beads for the golden streets and glue colored rhinestones to the gate. You may want to use toothpicks to turn each glass bead in the same direction.

Be generous with the glue for the beads, covering everything with at least one more coat of glue, and let each coat dry at least 20 minutes.

Use gold fabric paint or ceramic paint for the outline of the heavenly city. Let dry. (Fabric paint takes at least 2 hours to dry.)

Cover everything with a final coat of glass or ceramic glaze, and let dry at least 20 minutes. Tie on a golden cord for hanging.

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