The Transfiguration of Our Lord

You Spoke to Them from A Thick Cloud

Psalm 99: 7

Clouds are an ever-changing and truly beautiful part of God's creation.

Let us make a mosaic of all the clouds we can see in the course of a day.

Put up a blue background and the banner.

Begin in the east with the clouds of dawn, rose and pink, and build toward the fluffy white clouds of mid-day. We can add a gray thunderstorm or snowstorm in the afternoon, and finish the evening with the reds and golds of a glorious sunset. Add a touch of lavender in the north.

Use cotton fleece or batting, colored flannel, and, if you can find them, colored cotton balls to make an ever-changing cloudscape.

For a more delicate cloudscape, you can cut clouds on the cloud-fold from tissue or origami paper.

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