Second Sunday of Epiphany

You Are Not Missing Out on Any Blessings

1 Corinthians 1: 7

Many Christians lead lives of self-denial, giving up pleasures and desires, because many of the New Testament writers were very firm about our need to stay out of trouble. Doing, saying, and thinking wrong things lead us away from God.

But if we keep wrong things out of our lives, there is more room for the good things.

Let the class list out some of the good things in our lives, ask the children paint or draw them or make them out of foam or construction paper, and post them on the bulletin board, and let everyone give thanks for all the goodness in their lives.

If we open our eyes, listen with our ears, taste with our tongues, smell with our noses, and touch with our hands, we will see that our lives are filled with an enormous number of blessings from God.

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