Fourth Sunday of Advent

We Can Praise the Only Wise God Forever

Romans 16: 27

We praise God by telling his wonderful story and by sharing his gifts.

At this season of giving and sharing, we give thanks for all the special preparations our mothers and fathers make to celebrate this season.

And we notice that they seem to run out of gift tags at the last minute, so these tags can be a special Advent gift to our parents.

Copy the art on heavy, textured paper - any color is fine, and cover stock works well. Make sure to leave room so that the tags can be folded and a message can be written inside.

Color the designs with fine-point markers or colored pencils (the children may have more control with the pencils) and fold the tags in half.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York has an especially nice set of Christmas stamps in a stamp kit that make wonderful designs for tags.


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