Stephen, Deacon and Martyr

Hide Me in the Shadow of Your Wings

Psalm 17: 9

The writer of the psalm probably was talking about wild birds here - you could use any fowl, tame or wild, with its chicks.

For Christmas, put up a red or gold background (use red letters for the banner if you choose a gold background.) Add a large mother bird or hen.

Make fuzzy chicks from 2-inch yellow or white pompoms. Using fun foam, make feet and bills for the chicks - yellow for the white chicks or orange for the yellow chicks (2-inch white poms may be hard to find).

Glue on the bills and feet, and add small black beads or googly eyes to the chicks, and attach to the board. The children may want chicks to take home on that day - make lots of them.

As we celebrate newness of life, nothing on earth seems newer to me than day-old chicks. If you can, arrange a field trip to a hatchery, so the children may marvel at the daily newness and renewal of God's creation.


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