All Saints' Sunday

All Saints' Day is the day Christians give thanks for all the good people God has placed in their lives, especially those who are already with God in heaven.

It is also a day when Christians give thanks for the presence of the Holy Spirit in their lives and in the lives of all people.

It is not because people are special in and of themselves that we call them saints, but it is because they are ordinary, everyday people who allow the Holy Spirit to work through them, doing the mighty deeds of the Lord.

Martin Luther writes, "the Holy Scriptures call Christians saints and the people of God. To forget that we are saints is to forget Christ and to forget our baptism."

All Saints is a day for remembering and giving thanks, as Christians remember the good people they have known and give thanks for the unending goodness of God.

All Saints is celebrated the first Sunday in November, during the season of Pentecost.

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