Why Do We Make Art?

We make art to honor God who created all beautiful things.

We work as much as we can in gold, silver, and jewels (we use the sparkliest imitations we can find). The most important investment we make is in gold pens, which we use to sign our artwork, because our names are written in gold in the book of life.

Our art takes two basic forms in these lessons: bulletin boards, and front and back covers that can be inserted in three-ring view binders.

Find a bulletin board in as prominent a place in the church as you can: decorating a board is a wonderful opportunity for children to share their faith with the congregation. The instructions for the bulletin boards are fairly general, because you will need to size the art to the size and shape of your display area. The children like to take the things they make home, so at first they may be reluctant to leave their art at church, but as they come to realize that the bulletin boards are their faith statement, they become very excited about sharing them with the congregation.

The view binders are an easy, transportable way to display cover art. The children become very aware of the day and season and like to show the congregation what they have made as they leave Sunday School. The lesson for the day goes inside the binder; covers from previous days and seasons become dividers in transparent page holders.

In most cases, bulletin boards can become cover art, and cover art can become bulletin boards. Both are indexed in the Art Index.

Seasons for Praise, by Eleanore Feucht Sudbrock, includes wonderful projects for the sanctuary that can be made in family workshops.
Begin collecting gold and silver materials wherever you can - craft shops, 99-cent stores, discount houses, and art supply stores.

Please send your questions to judy@sundayschoollessons.com

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