Why Do We Sing God's Praises?

We sing God's praises because he tells us to.

Especially in the Psalms, God tells us over and over that he wants to hear us singing about him and how wonderful he is - really loud and in large groups.

We sing in the post-communion canticle (based on Psalm 105) in the Lutheran Book of Worship : He leads his people forth in joy with shouts of thanksgiving. God wants us to shout from the rooftops about his wisdom, his strength, his goodness, and all the wonderful things he gives us.

To honor his beauty, we make our singing about him as beautiful as we can. But most of all we know that whoever we are and whatever talent he has given us for singing, he wants to hear our voices joined together in praising him.

We praise God with a service of Lessons and Carols on Christmas Eve.

With these lessons, we use the Lutheran Book of Worship (LBW), With One Voice (WOV), and Rejoice, all published by Augsburg Fortress Press in Minneapolis, MN.

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