The Ascension of Our Lord

The Kings of the Earth Belong to God

Psalm 47: 9

When we think of crowns, we think of the jeweled crowns of Northern Europe or of the elaborate golden headdresses of the Egyptians.

But the people of Jesus' time knew the crowns of the Roman kings, which were wreaths of golden laurel leaves, based on the wreaths of laurel leaves that were given to athletes who had won the prize at the games.

Through Jesus, we have all won the prize of eternal life.

Using a small gold gift bag (7" x 8-3/4" x 3-3/4), cut out the crown shape, with leaves on the top and scallops on the bottom.

Cut out twelve large leaves and twelve small leaves from the scraps.

Working from the center out, overlap the leaves on the diagonal to make a pretty pattern. Double-stick tape may work best here, rather than glue. With the youngest children, use poster tape, which is sticky on both sides, but which can be removed and repositioned.

And we can sing the Christ the King hymn, Crown Him with Many Crowns, (Lutheran Book of Worship 170.)

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