Christmas Day II

Many Other Angels Came Down from Heaven

Luke 2: 13

Angels are pure light, translucent, ephemeral, seen only as flashes of light to the human eye.

Or they can appear to us as ordinary, everyday people, so that we can see them and that they can speak to us, even feeling the cold so they need to wear sweaters.

For the first angel, shape gold wire or wire-stiffened cord into the wings and head. Add a skirt of net or any translucent fabric. You can tie it in place with gold ribbon, but you might want to use a glue gun for added stability.

For the second angel, stuff flesh-colored cotton flannel, draw on the face with fine markers, add yarn hair and feather wings, dressing her in a sweater with buttons. (Angels have no gender of their own - they may choose to look like either men or women when they approach regular people.)

For a simpler craft, make the angel from fun foam, remembering that there are many different skin tones in the world. Work in flat layers, and add a sweater of knitted fabric only to the front.



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