The Epiphany of Our Lord

Treasure from Across the Sea and the Wealth of Nations Will Be Brought to You

Isaiah 60: 5

Christians give their time, talents, goods, and money, not out of a sense of duty or obligation, but out of gratitude from overflowing hearts.

We share God's gifts not only with other Christians, but also with everyone and everything God created in his beautiful world.

Sometimes we exchange gifts with others as tokens of our affection for one another, but often, like the wise men, we simply give to God and to all his people. Many Christians exchange gifts on Epiphany, which we also call, "Three Kings" or "Little Christmas."

This triangular gift bag reminds us of the three wise men.

Using sturdy wrapping paper, cut on the solid lines and fold inward on the dotted lines. Make all the folds first, and then glue them in order, gluing the side fold first, and then gluing the bottom, folding in the large piece first for sturdiness, and then gluing the smaller pieces to it.

Turn and fold the top piece last.

You may reinforce the bottom with a triangular piece of lightweight cardboard or cardstock, and then punch holes in the top of the bag and thread a ribbon through them for tying.

Decorate the outside of the bag if you wish - it's best to decorate after the shape is cut out and before you begin folding. You may proportion the pattern larger or smaller - 12-1/2 by 9-1/2 inches is a nice size to work with.




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