Second Sunday of Christmas

Listen to Me, You Nations Nearby or Across the Sea

Jeremiah 31: 10

God loves all the people of his creation, wherever we live, and he wants us to get along with one another.

One way we do this is by giving gifts - even gifts that travel across the sea. Does your congregation give gifts to people in other neighborhoods or in other countries?

Enlarge the pattern so it fits on a sheet of 8-1/2- by 11-inch paper - lightweight gold or silver cardboard is good, and if you can find a corrugated texture, that would be even more interesting.

Cut on the solid lines and fold inward on the dotted lines - you will have one cutout that folds into a box.

One the outside, trace the shapes of mast, sail, and waterline with a stylus or anything with a dull point that won't leave a mark.

Punch the holes, and cut 1/4-inch red ribbon into 13-inch pieces to tie the boat together.

Put strong glue on the outside of the small flap - this is the only glue you will use.

Fold the box together, and glue the flap (you won't have to wait for it to dry if you use a glue gun).

Place some small gift (small wrapped candies would be fine) in the central box, and tie the sails together with the ribbon.

Whose heart will your love and the love of God sail into?

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