Jesus Is the Living Word of God

John 1: 10 - 18

This passage from John, which is
difficult and mystical on the surface, is much more plain-spoken than we realize.

John the Evangelist uses the same words to describe Jesus that the Jewish scholars used to describe the Torah, the first five books of what we now call the Old Testament.

John is saying that Jesus is the words of the Bible come to life as an ordinary human being, so that we might see the Bible lived out in ordinary daily living, and so that everyone can experience the Bible in everyday terms.

1. Who is John talking about when he says, "The Word"?

[John is talking about Jesus.]

2. What does John mean when he says the Word became a human being?
[John is saying that Jesus is the Bible come to life as a person.]

3. What do we see because of Jesus' life on earth?
[We see the kindness, the glory, and the truth of God.]

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