God Calls David to Be King of Israel

If we read both books of Samuel, we realize that David was constantly at war, until he won all the lands occupied by the native peoples who lived in both the Northern and Southern kingdoms of Israel.

He was the first king to unite the two kingdoms, making the Jebusite city of Jerusalem their capital.

Very often he married women of the captured tribes, ending up with an extraordinary number of wives and children.

Many of the children did not turn out well, and Absalom, Amnon, and Adonijah have their own stories.

David's story begins as a young boy in Bethlehem, the youngest son of Jesse, who was descended from Ruth, the Moabite.

David was a shepherd who was called by God and anointed by Samuel to be king of Israel.

We know him as a songwriter and harpist, who soothed the irritated King Saul, as well as the slayer of Goliath, the Philistine giant. We believe that David wrote many of the Psalms. David's Songs, by Colin Eisler, is an interesting look at David's poetry.

His friendship with Jonathan, the son of Saul, included promises that their children and grandchildren would also be best friends. David kept his word and cared for Jonathan's crippled son, Mephibosheth. David married Jonathan's sister, Michal.

Though he had many wives already, he coveted Bathsheba, the wife of Uriah the Hittite. Artemisia Gentileschi's beautiful painting of David and Bathsheba clearly illustrates the relationship.

After David sent Uriah deliberately into battle so he would be killed, and the prophet Nathan showed David the sinfulness of his heart, David married Bathsheba and she became the mother of King Solomon.

Solomon became a wise and respected king, completing the work David could not do, building the Temple in Jerusalem.

God promised David that his descendants would always hold the throne of Israel. Since Jesus was directly descended from David, Christians believe that to be true.

First Samuel 16: 1 - 13 God Calls David to Be King, and Samuel Anoints Him with Oil

First Samuel 16: 14 - 23 David Sings and Plays His Harp for King Saul

First Samuel 17: 12 - 54 David Kills the Philistine Giant, Goliath

First Samuel 20: 12 - 16 David and Jonathan Are Best Friends

Second Samuel 9 David Cares for Jonathan's Son

Second Samuel 11 David Covets Bathsheba, the Wife of Uriah

Second Samuel 12: 1 - 15 Nathan Shows David the Sin in His Heart

Second Samuel 12: 24 - 25 David and Bathsheba's Son, Solomon, Is Born

Second Samuel 7: 11 - 16 God Promises the Kingdom to David


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