Solomon Asks God for Wisdom

1 Kings 3: 5 - 12

Solomon, the son of David and Bathsheba, built the first temple in Jerusalem.

Solomon loved the Lord, making sacrifices in many sacred places.

Gibeon was one of the Levitical cities, a proper place for a priest to dwell, in the mountains north of Jerusalem. Solomon often worshiped there before he built the Temple in Jerusalem.

1. Where was Solomon when the Lord appeared to him?

[Solomon was in Gibeon.]

2. How did God appear to Solomon?

[God appeared to Solomon in a dream.]

3. What did God offer Solomon?

[God tells Solomon to ask for anything he wants.]

4. What did Solomon ask for?

[Solomon asks for the wisdom to make good decisions.]

5. What did God promise Solomon?

[God promises Solomon that he would make him wiser than anyone had ever lived or who ever would live.]

6. What else did God give Solomon?

[God gives Solomon all the things he didn't ask for: wisdom, respect, greatness, and a long life.]

What a good day to sing, "Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God" (With One Voice 783).

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