Third Sunday of Easter

The Disciples Return to Fishing

John 21: 1 - 15

In the forty days after his resurrection from the dead on Easter morning, Jesus sent his disciples north to the Sea of Galilee (in Palestine), telling them to wait for him there.

The Sea of Galilee has three names: Gennesaret (in Aramaic), Galilee (in Greek), and Tiberias (in Latin).

The area around the Sea of Galilee was on the old trade routes and had been settled by several groups of people, including many Greeks. Under the Roman occupation, the town of Tiberias was built, and the Romans used its name for the lake.

John wrote his gospel as part of the outreach to the Romans, so he used the Latin name for the lake (Latin is the name of the language the Romans spoke.)

1. What were the disciples doing on the Sea of Galilee?

[The disciples had returned to their old trade of fishing.]

2. How many large fish did the disciples catch?

[The disciples caught 153 large fish.]

3. What had Jesus been doing on the beach?

[Jesus had been cooking fish for breakfast.]

4. What did Jesus do with his breakfast?

[He shared his breakfast with the disciples.]

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