Fourth Sunday of Easter

Now You Have Returned to the One Who Is Your Shepherd

1 Peter 2: 25

What sort of lives do we have if we are cared for by the best of all shepherds?

We can be happy, content, and cherished if we know in our hearts how much Jesus cares about us and how well he looks after us.

Copy the sheep on heavy (textured) card stock - enlarge the pattern to fit an 11 -inch by 17-inch sheet if you can - and cut out the sheep silhouettes, including the faces, leaving the four sheep connected.

Make wool from honeycomb paper, cotton wool, popcorn, or add texture to the surface any way you like. You might want to reinforce the legs with brown or black construction paper.

If you haven't done too much with the texture, you should be able to fold the four sheep accordion fashion, and they should stand up.

Sprinkle a little gold glitter over the sheep if you like - how do we show the world that we are loved and cherished?

And what a good day to listen to Bach's Cantata 208, Sheep May Safely Graze in Pasture.


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