Second Sunday of Epiphany

Jesus Makes Water into Wine

John 2: 1 - 11

We know almost nothing about Jesus' private life. Mark seems to say that Jesus owned a home in Capernaum, but we know nothing about Jesus' own household.

But Jesus consistently spoke for the need for strong and responsible marriages. His first miracle, changing the water in wine, takes place at a marriage feast in the town of Cana, which is near Nazareth in Palestine.

Because Mary, the mother of Jesus, speaks firmly to him, as though he were the host, the marriage may have been of one of his sisters or brothers.

In that time and place, marriages were arranged between families - often the bride and groom were the last family members to meet one another, not the first - and the marriage feast would be given by the family of the bridegroom in their household.

1. Who were at the wedding feast?

[Mary, the mother of Jesus, Jesus, and the disciples were at the wedding feast.]

2. What did they run out of at the feast?

[They ran out of wine at the feast.]

3. Who did Mary ask to take care of the problem?

[Mary asked Jesus to take care of the problem.]

4. What did Jesus say to Mary?

[Jesus said, "Mother, my time has not yet come. You must not tell me what to do."]

5. What did Jesus tell the servant to do?

[Jesus told the servants to fill the stone water jars to the top with water.]

6. What did the servants give to the man in charge of the feast?

[The servants gave the man water that had turned into wine.]

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