The Second Sunday of Epiphany

You Serve A Tasty Drink That Flows Like A River

Psalm 36: 8

When Jesus performs his first miracle and transforms the water into wine at the marriage at Cana, we think of the wine of the Passover supper, when Jesus tells the disciples, "This is my blood."

We remember these words when we participate in Holy Communion.

Bring a pretty punch bowl to class and mix equal parts of white grape juice and orange juice.

You may be able to find pomegranate juice in Middle Eastern groceries or delis - you can ream your own juice in pomegranate season. Grenadine, the syrup made from pomegranates (it's used to make Shirley Temples), will make the punch too sweet.

People in Bible times did not use ice or sparkling water, but you may add those if you like.

(The Romans brought snow from the Alps to cool foods, but they had no way of making ice.)

Add Bible flavors and seasonings to the punch if you like. Mint was often added to juice drinks.

In Jewish practice, two blessings are given at mealtimes: thanks for the food, and thanks for the wine.

Let the children write a table grace that gives thanks for everything we drink.

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