Fourth Sunday of Epiphany

You Are My Rock and My Fortress

Psalm 71: 3

When people in the Bible talk about fortresses and strongholds, they are thinking of stone fortifications like Masada, rather than the stone castles of Europe or the wooden stockades of North America.

But whatever form the fortress takes, it is still a safe place of refuge from known and unknown enemies.

Put up a green background and the banner.

Choose whatever type of fortress you like, and use sandpaper, florist's foam, liquid sand and craft sticks to make a forbidding stronghold.

An older class might want to research and build Masada, which was rebuilt by Herod the Great.

This is a good day to sing, " A Mighty Fortress Is Our God" (Lutheran Book of Worship 228). The tune is somewhat difficult, and we don't learn it well enough by singing it only on Reformation Sunday.

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