Family Bible Study


We read the Bible to learn about God and the sorts of lives he would like us to live. Some scholars says that the Bible is an axe that God uses to chip away the ice the surrounds our hearts. We also see the Bible as our daily bread, more important to us than food; as light, shining into the dark places in our hearts; and as truth, leading us on a sure path to God.

Each calendar week we will provide a short background for the text, questions for discussion, recommendations for appropriate hymns or choruses, and simple art projects.

The lessons begin with looking up the Bible passage in your preferred translation of the Bible. Each child should have his or her own copy of the Bible (again, all in the same translation.) Even for very small children, finding the chapter and verse are exciting (they feel very grown up looking through the Bible on their own) and good learning experiences. The lesson should be read aloud at least once, and again, the children should participate in the reading as much as possible.

Sometimes we read the text in the style of the lectio divina, also called the African Bible study.

Each student will answer the questions for the lesson and compile the lessons in a view binder, as we change the front and back covers of the binder to reflect the appropriate season. We take some special care when we read the Parables of Jesus.

We also create bulletin boards which are based on texts for the season. The bibliography contains scholarly references and sources for clip art.

For family devotions at home, reread the text during the course of the week and expand the discussion of the questions. Buy a bulletin board for your refrigerator door and decorate it with seasonal themes. And make the music of the season in whichever way you can use the family's talents.

These weekly Sunday School Lessons follow the Revised Common Lectionary through the Calendar of the Church Year, celebrating the Seasons of the Church Year and the Festivals of the Church Year as we look at one or more texts for each week.

The lessons are designed for a multi-generational Family Bible Study, and our text is the Bible. We prefer either the New Revised Standard Version, the New International Version (the vocabulary is often simpler and the words are easier to sound out), or the Contemporary English Version of the Bible.

The American Bible Society has published the Contemporary English Version as The Learning Bible, with wonderfully complete helps. It is also available on CD-ROM.

We will answer your questions on the frequently asked questions page.

Please send your questions to judy@sundayschoollessons.com

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