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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do we eat the cracker?

The cracker is properly called a communion wafer, or the host. We eat the wafer and drink the wine because Jesus told us to, and because receiving the sacraments is a way of welcoming the presence of the Holy Spirit into our lives and bodies.

Eating the wafer and drinking the wine are a hands-on way of receiving grace from God.

[See The Sacrament of Holy Communion]

2. Why do I need to go to church? Why isn't it enough if I live a good life and pray to God at home?

God seems to like to hear his praises sung in groups--that's what many of the Psalms are about: sing His praise with shouts of thanksgiving.

We also receive the blood and body of Christ through the sacraments at worship. Your pastor will gladly take the sacraments to people who are ill or shut-in, but if we are able, God seems to like to see us sharing the sacraments with a group of believers.

3. Why are the words so hard?

Some of the most difficult readings at worship are the most beautiful. We don't want to lose the poetry of worship, and we need to worship God in the most beautiful way we can, as we remember that He is the creator of all beauty and that all beauty comes from Him.

But we always keep looking for simpler translations so that everyone can understand God's word.


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