Field Trips We Explore the Vineard Filled with Grapes

Eat This Bread, Drink This Cup

John 15

Isaiah 55

Wineries enjoy hosting tours, and they exist in many parts of the country. Explain the ages of your class - some wineries may have rules prohibiting anyone under eighteen years of age.

Look closely at the grapevines, as we hear Jesus say, "I am the vine and you are the branches."

Ask your pastor to accompany you, and conclude your visit with a simple picnic (the Jesus Picnic might be nice here) and Holy Communion, as you remember not only the Passover meal and Jesus as the Passover lamb, but also the banquet in Isaiah 55. You may properly serve consecrated wine to any baptized person, and Holy Communion in this context is a truly moving experience.

Ask your pastor to explain his physical responsibilities for the wine - the storage, the consecration, and the disposal of leftover consecrated wine.

As the travelers to Emmaus recognized Jesus in the breaking of the bread, as Christians we recognize one another in the sharing of the bread and of the wine.

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