Field Trips

As the Grains of Wheat Are Planted on the Hill

Luke 6: 1 - 5

Finding a farm that would welcome you at wheat harvest may be your most daunting task. It is the farmer's busiest time of year.

But in some parts of the country they still have threshing festivals where they haul out the old steam-powered threshing machines. The smell and the taste of fresh wheat need to be experienced, especially as we think of Jesus and the disciples rolling wheat berries from the stalks into their hands and eating them on the Sabbath.

Health food stores carry raw wheat berries: it would be interesting if any of your class would consider making a meal of them (I think eating more than a handful would make you sick.)

If you could find someone who still knows how to use a scythe or a sickle to cut a few stalks of wheat by hand, that would also be very interesting, because that is the way it was done in Jesus' time.

Anything that we can do to make the land of farming and herding closer to our own experience deepens our understanding of Jesus' insights and of his way of teaching.


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