Confirmation Instruction Lesson 2

The Ten Commandments

How Do We Honor Him?

How do we honor and respect this God who loves us so much?

We begin looking at the catechism as a whole, as we choose the portion we want to use for our posters.

We continue the study of Moses, and start setting up our interviews with older members of the congregation.

But most of all, we begin our question of where honor lies, as we ponder Jesus' statement, "The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath." As we read about Jesus and the disciples grinding out kernels of wheat in the palms of their hands, what a wonderful time to plan a field trip to a wheat field.

And let the Third Commandment become a source of celebration for us. God takes such good care of us that we have a whole free day every week, where we don't have to lift even a finger. We have an entire day to do nothing but to testify to the goodness of God.

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