Writing Assignments

Confirmation Day

Choosing to interview one of the older members of the congregation about his or her confirmation can be a delightful experience for both the adult and the youth. The adults are amazed that a young person can be interested in anything that happened so long ago. The young persons are amazed that anyone that old was ever confirmation age.


Ask the interviewee for a confirmation picture and make a bulletin board of their photographs and their stories - you will have the attention of the whole congregation.


Name of Person Interviewed ________________ Interviewer ____________________________

Date of Confirmation ______________________ Place ________________________________


What did you wear?

Do you still have the outfit?

What gifts did you receive?

What made Confirmation Day extra-special?

When did you first receive Holy Communion?

Did you answer questions about the Catechism in front of the congregation?

What was your memory verse?

Did you write a statement of faith?

Can you sing hymns in other languages? What are the languages?


The most interesting thing I learned about this person is:



I enjoyed talking to this person because:


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