Eighteenth Sunday of Pentecost

The Lord Shows Isaiah a Bountiful Banquet

Isaiah 25: 6 - 9

Christians call this passage in Isaiah, "The Feast of Fat Things," seeing it as a symbol of the life to come in heaven with Jesus. They also refer to the feast as The Banquet.

We read this passage as inviting us to partake in the heavenly table; but we are also invited here to participate in full table fellowship with the Lord in Holy Communion.

The King James Version translates the meat delicacies as marrow bones, a part of gourmet dining well into this century. You might ask your butcher to crack some marrow bones for you so could poach the marrow and serve it to your class on toast points.

Osso buco is another way of serving marrow prepared with many spices. There is a recipe for osso buco in the Joy of Cooking.

1. What will the Lord prepare for us?

[The Lord will prepare a feast of the finest things.]

2. What will the Lord destroy?

[The Lord will destroy the power of death.]

3. What will the people say?

[The people will say, "The Lord has saved us. Let's celebrate!"]

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