Jesus Keeps God's Promises

Jesus was born as a baby to Mary in Bethlehem. Joseph married Mary and raised Jesus as his own son, even though both Mary and Joseph knew that Jesus was the son of God.

Jesus seemed to have learned Joseph's trade as a carpenter, but he also seems to have been carefully educated in the scriptures--what he called the Law and the Prophets, which we call the Old Testament.

After he was grown, he began a mission of preaching, teaching, and healing in Palestine. He was baptized by his cousin, John the Baptizer.

Jesus attracted followers or students, called disciples, as he traveled around the countryside. The story of his life and his teaching is told in the first four books of the New Testament, the Gospel (or good news) of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

So many people came to hear his preaching and to change their lives to a better way of living that the Roman and Jewish leaders of that time became anxious. They were afraid he would make too many changes. They took him to court, tried him, humiliated him, and crucified him, which was a painful and shameful public death on a wooden cross.

After his death, he rose from the dead and ascended to God in Heaven. By his suffering and death, he saved all of us from our sins and from separation from God.

The risen Jesus is called the Christ,which means Messiah or Savior, the savior that God promised to send again and again in the Old Testament writings.

We celebrate the good news of what Jesus did for us by sharing his story and by living lives of gratitude to God, who chose to keep all his promises to his people through the death and resurrection of Jesus.

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