Third Sunday of Pentecost

Jesus Calls a Dead Son to Life

Luke 7: 11 - 17

Even though Jesus asked his disciples over and over to focus on the life to come, with him and with God the father in heaven, he was always aware of pain and suffering in the daily life around him.

In that time and place, there was really no way for widows to make a living on their own - their only option would be to beg for money or goods on the public streets.

So when Jesus saw a woman who would not be able to build an honorable life for herself if she did not have a son to support her, he took compassion on her.

Nain is in the hill country of Galilee, southwest of Nazareth. Not only did Jesus travel back and forth across the Sea of Galilee in his early ministry, he also traveled around it.

Jesus raised two other people from the dead, Lazarus and the daughter of Jairus. Later on, Peter followed his example by bringing Tabitha back to life. Elijah, in the Old Testament, had also recalled a widow's son to life.

1. Who was traveling with Jesus?

[The disciples and a large crowd of people were traveling with Jesus.]

2. Where was the group going?

[They were going to the village of Nain.]

3. What did Jesus touch?

[Jesus touched the stretcher the boy was lying on.]

4. What did Jesus say to the boy?

[Jesus said, "Young man, get up.]

5. What did the young man do?

[The young man sat up and began to speak.]

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