Twenty-first Sunday of Pentecost

God Will Command His Angels to Protect You Wherever You Go

Psalm 91: 11

Angels are a very special order of creation. They glow, they shimmer, they are translucent and transparent.

Artists often show angels with golden haloes or auras, as they look for a visual way to show the richness and beauty of the sensations or vibrations of angels - it feels good to be near one.

Put up a violet or lavender background and the banner.

Using lightweight gold and silver cardboard, cut out the images of angels. Fill the cutouts in the smaller image with layers of colored plastic film - the more layers, the deeper the color. You should be able to find rose, green, blue, and yellow.

If the wrap wrinkles, it may give more of a stained glass image.

Layer the colored image over the gold outline and use foam mounting squares to give depth to the image. Staple or pin to the bulletin board.


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