Second Sunday in Lent

God Accepted Abraham Because Abraham Had Faith in Him

Romans 4: 3

Abraham's story is long and complex, and lends itself to a three-part form, with the major story taking place in the center of the triptych, and the supporting parts of the story taking place on the wings.

Remembering the three-part God, the triptych is a very old form of Christian art, using for telling many Bible stories. The two wings fold inward, often on hinges, to protect the art and keep it safe.

You can use small scored pieces of heavy cardboard for the story's background, or you can make a class project on a larger board available at office supply or art supply stores.

Use paint, construction paper, or markers to make the figures in the story. Please remember to keep the matching points at the top of the triptych.

This form works well for lots of Bible stories - especially the Birth of Jesus shown here.

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