Abraham Receives a Promise from God

The covenant of Divine Commitment - when God promises what he would do in the future for Abraham - prepares us for the covenant God makes with us in baptism.

The oak groves of Mamre, where many of the events of Abraham's and Sarah's story take place, are about one and a half miles outside of the present city of Hebron.

God keeps his promise to Abraham through his son Isaac and his grandson Jacob, who becomes the father of the Twelve Tribes of Israel.

Genesis 12: 1 - 9 God Calls Abram in Ur
Genesis 12: 10 - 29 Abram and Sarai Go to Egypt
Genesis 13 Abram Separates from Lot, his Nephew
Genesis 14: 13 - 16 Abram Rescues Lot from Captivity
Genesis 14: 17 - 24 Melchizedek Becomes Abram's High Priest
Genesis 15 God Makes a Covenant with Abram
Genesis 17 God Changes Abram's Name to Abraham and Abraham Makes a Sign
Genesis 18 God Promises Abraham a Son
Genesis 18 Abraham Prays for Sodom and Its People
Genesis 20 Abraham Gives Sarah to Abimelech
Genesis 21, 1 - 7 Isaac Is Born
Genesis 22 Abraham Sacrifices Isaac to God
Genesis 23 Sarah Dies and Is Buried in the Cave of the Hittite
Genesis 25: 1 - 6 Abraham Marries Keturah
Genesis 25: 7 - 10 Abraham Dies and Is Buried with Sarah by Isaac and Ishmael

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