Seventh Sunday of Pentecost

Three Men Visit Abraham and Sarah

Genesis 18: 1 - 10

After Ishmael was born to Hagar, Sarah's Egyptian maidservant, Sarah still did not have a child of her own. God had promised that a new nation would come forth from Abraham and Sarah, but they still had no children together.

The oak groves of Mamre, where this story takes place, is just outside of what is now Hebron.

1. What did Abraham do when he saw the three men?

[Abraham provided true hospitality, ordering a special meal for them.]

2. What did he asked Sarah to do?

[He asked Sarah to bake a loaf of her finest bread.]

3. Where did Sarah stay when the meal was taking place?

[Sarah stayed in the tent.]

4. What did Sarah do when the Lord said she would have a son?

[Sarah laughed, because she knew she was too old to have children.]

5. What did Sarah say when the Lord told her she had laughed at his promise?

[Sarah lied, and told the Lord that she hadn't laughed.]

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