Tenth Sunday of Pentecost

God Makes a Covenant with Abraham

Genesis 15: 1 - 6

The covenant of Divine Commitment - when God promised what he would do in the future for Abraham - prepares us for the covenant God makes with us in baptism.

Abraham is still called Abram in this passage. Even though God has called him, has saved his nephew Lot from the king of Sodom, and has made a covenant with Abram, God has not yet changed his name to Abraham and made him a new man.


1. How did the Lord appear to Abram?

[The Lord appeared to Abram in a vision.]

2. What was Abram worried about?

[Abram was worried about who would inherit his property.]

3. How many descendants did God promise Abram?

[God promised Abram as many descendants as there were stars in the sky.]

4. Did God think Abram could count that far?

[God was joking with Abram, telling him he would have more descendants than he could count.]

5. Did Abram believe God?

[Yes, Abram believed what God told him.]

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