Third Sunday of Lent

God Gives the Rules for Living a Good Life

Exodus 20: 1 - 17

The Israelites who followed Moses out of Egypt had spent many generations as slaves, living under the rules of an alien culture. (Israelite means a descendent of Jacob, also called Israel, who was the father of Joseph.)

Even though they had a long history of following other people' rules, the Israelites were strong people whom Moses called stiff-necked and quarrelsome.

Because they had no rules of their own for living in community and because they didn't seem able to work out a way for getting along comfortably together, God gave them a set of laws or rules to enable them to live together as one community.

We call these laws the Ten Commandments.

1. Who does God say he is?

[God says, "I am the Lord your God."]

2. Where did God bring his people from?

[God brought his people from Egypt.]

3. What will happen to us if we love God and obey his laws?

[God promises that he will be kind to our families for thousands of generations.]

4. Who does the Sabbath day belong to?

[It belongs to God.]

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