Confirmation Instruction Lesson 11

Joseph Dreams in Captivity

Joseph was the son of Jacob, the grandson of Isaac, and the great-grandson of Abraham.

He led a long and interesting life, which is told in several parts in the book of Genesis:

1. The Beautiful Coat, Genesis 37: 1 - 4

2. Joseph Is Sold by His Brothers into Slavery, Genesis 37: 5 - 36

3. Joseph Interprets Dreams, Genesis 39: 19 - 41

4. Joseph Manages Pharaoh's Grain Harvest, Genesis 41: 1 - 49

5. Joseph is Reunited with His Brothers, Genesis 45: 4 - 10

6. Joseph Forgives His Brothers, Genesis 50: 15 - 21

The descendants of Jacob lived in Egypt until the time of Moses, when the Israelites were under the rule of a Pharaoh "who did not know Joseph."

1. How did Joseph receive information from God?

[God spoke to Joseph through dreams.]

2. How did Joseph's brothers feel about him?

[Joseph's brothers were jealous, because he was the favorite son of their father, Jacob.]

3. Did all of Joseph's brothers treat him the same way?

[ No. Some of his brothers wanted to kill him, but the others kept him alive by selling him to slave traders.]

4. Did Joseph treat his brothers the way that they treated him?

[No, Joseph was kind to the brothers who had treated him badly, forgiving them for what they had done to him.]

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